About Us

About Money 4 Cars

Money 4 Cars is best company which provides you the best junk car removal services. We pay top dollars for your junk/scrap/unwanted/salvage cars. It performs its best role in junk car removal industry. We buys your unwanted car and scrap it. We have the ability to junk your car from anywhere like garage, underground basement and parking’s. If you want to scrap or junk your car and get cash for it then you have to call us @  647 4987 003.

Junk Car Removal Service Areas

Money 4 Cars have local scrap car removal business in Canada. We do car disposal services in Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Caledon, Bolton, Toronto and in Great Toronto Area. If you are live in these cities then it is easier for both of us. You have just call us and our team member will be there in few minutes with its tow truck and take away your junk car. We provide free Junk car towing service.

Money 4 cars have also flatbed tow service. If you have a junk vehicle which you have to dispose off and you are not live in these cities which are mentioned above. Don’t worry about it, then you have to call us @  647 4987 003. We will take your contact details and within a few minutes or hours we will be there and disposed off your junk vehicle. Pays you on the spot for your junk/scrap/damage vehicle. We removes trucks, Suv’s, Cars, 4 runners and any vehicle. Money4cars.ca remove any vehicle which is not in use or no longer road worthy.

Environmentally-Sound Vehicle Scrap

The eco-friendly way we conduct scraping helps in save raw materials and protects natural environment. Do you know junk car damage our environment. Junk Cars, whether junk or brand new, produce Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which deplete the ozone layer. There are countless older model cars on their last leg that owners still use as their immediate means of transportation. So many people hold on to their vehicles until they conk out and die.

What those people might not be aware of is that the engines in these older model junk cars produce a high volume of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases that are detrimental to the environment. Those with non-running cars close to the regions of Toronto Ontario can get cash for junk cars. Are you wanted to scrapping your old car? The first step is to contact us for a price for a damaged car in Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Bolton and G T A. The scrap vehicle process is simple, assuming you have the ownership title and the listed owner on-hand in Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, and Bolton.