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Cash For Junk Cars Newcastle: Sell Used Junk Cars For Cash

Junk cars are vehicles that have gotten old or damaged due to a variety of factors, including accidents to the point that selling them for parts or as a whole would be more cost-effective than repairing them. However, it appears to be quite difficult to sell junk cars for cash despite a lot of used junk car buyers out there who are willing to acquire them. Only some of them pay a fair price for junk cars. Scrap Cars is one such Newcastle-based junk car buying company that pays huge cash for junk cars you simply cannot refuse.

If you are in dire need of a junk car removal service in Newcastle, you’ve come to the correct place. Scrap Cars is a company that specializes in a variety of auto removal services, including cash for junk cars and the junk car removal. With our services, you can expect to receive up to $9,999 for your unwanted vehicles. Rather than for your junk car to rust and perish in your driveway, call us today at 0437008000 for fast and dependable Junk Car Removal services.


Dependable Junk Car Buyers Newcastle Offering Irrefusable Cash Quote

Many auto salvage yards have a murky history. For example, when the tow truck arrives to pick up your junker, despite an initially agreed-upon quote, your vehicle will have mysteriously lost some or all of its worth. That is not the case with us. We tell you upfront how much we’ll pay, and that’s the precise amount we’ll pay. Some businesses engage in these schemes, but we will never do so. As a result, putting your trust in us will never be a bad decision.

Salvaging is critical to the recycling business, but we all know it’s not rocket science. It’s actually rather simple: obtain a quote, make a deal, get paid, and wave goodbye to your junker. That’s really the only thing we have to say about it and we don’t drag out the procedure. That would be inconvenient for you and inefficient for us.

We understand that you desire to generate money. We feel the same way. We’re all in it together. We can’t run this business without the automobiles of our clients, thus we pay reasonable cash for junk cars. Today, making a little more money by providing a seller with a little less might generate a significant profit but what about tomorrow? Cutting corners on what we payout won’t help us build a good reputation or attract new customers. Since we intend to stay in this industry for the long term, you can rest assured that you won’t be underpaid.


Sell Junk Cars For Cash of Up to $9999.

Depending upon several factors like the weight of your vehicle, the parts under the hood, the interior components, and the size of your vehicle, we offer cash of up to $9999. It doesn’t matter if it was recently involved in an accident and received a salvage certificate, or if it’s been a wreck in your driveway for a few years, we‘ll still pay for it. We will buy your junk SUVs, Trucks, Vans & 4x4s regardless of their make, year, model, and condition.

Do you own a BMW? Do you own a Ford? Do you own a Nissan? Do you own a Mazda? Or do you own a Subaru? It doesn’t matter. We will come to your location and remove whatever type of car you have, whether it is in working condition or not. We welcome all accessible models in any condition and age, whether or not they are running.

Only one phone call to us is required, and we will arrange for a free junk car removal the same day within a few hours. We will provide you with adequate money in your pocket before our crew leaves. We are confident in our ability to pay you the most in Newcastle and there is no part of Newcastle that we don’t cover.


Our Process Of Car Recycling

  • Collection of car

First of all, in order to recycle your scrap car, we need to collect them. We offer a huge sum of money to lure people into selling their old and scrap vehicles to us. Then the collected old, used, unwanted, junk, or scrap cars are kept in our scrap yard. We use sophisticated tools, towing vehicles, and cranes in order to safely transport your vehicle, free of charge.

  • Detailed Inspection

After collecting your car, a detailed inspection is performed on each of the parts. Through the inspection, we figure out the condition of each component, and all the working and non-working parts are duly noted with their respective names. Every small part is inspected thoroughly and its condition is noted.

  • Draining Fluids and Dismantling Valuable Parts

After we are done performing a careful inspection of the vehicle, depollution is done which means that we drain out all sorts of fluid from inside of the vehicle. This includes fuel, oil, lubricants, antifreeze, brake and transmission fluids, and all sorts of other fuels that are in it. Used oil is sold to recyclers, and they process it into new oil. If that isn’t possible, industries such as the asphalt manufacturing ones use it to burn in their furnaces. All of the remaining liquids are stored the hazardous ones are disposed of safely before taking the vehicle for dismantling.

  • Selling Recovered Auto Parts

Not every part inside the vehicle is worn out or completely useless. Some can be extracted in decent conditions as well and can be made as good as new after small touchups. Also, some parts might have suffered minor damages and can be repaired to work as new. These parts are mainly sold to auto parts manufacturers and hence reduces recklessness. The other remaining parts, which are no longer usable, are taken for recycling.

  • Shredding Your Scrap Car

The useless parts are sorted out based on their types. Non-metal parts like plastic and glass are sold out to respective buyers. Plastic scraps are also processed for recycling. The metal parts are however taken for crushing and shredding. This reduces the space occupied and also makes it easier for us to store a large number of cars in our yard.

  • Scrap Metal Melting and Recycling

Metal scraps are crushed in order to reduce the amount of energy required to melt them. Huge wreckers and metal shredders are used for this process to compress the size of the metal scrap. Then we take the metal scrap for melting and auto recyclers can finally give any shape to them based on their needs.


Free Junk Car Removal Newcastle: Covering All Suburbs

It’s difficult to have a car that does nothing but collect dust and sits in your garage all day. Many scrap car owners are unaware that some of their automobile’s parts are valuable and have a market value. Some individuals regard them as precious and others as worthless, depending on the salvageable components, total damage, age, and availability. These scrap auto parts have the potential to be useful in the repair of other automobiles. When getting a reasonable amount of cash for junk cars and trucks becomes too tedious and stressful, always try to contact a junk car removal company like Scrap Cars.

Pay attention to our service if you are ready to make this selection or if you are seeking an organization to dispose of your auto. Along with cash for junk cars, one of the main services we offer is junk car removal. We have all of the necessary specialized equipment to complete removal and recycling as quickly as possible, relieving the automobile owner of all concerns regarding their vehicle. When it comes to junk car removal, we first and foremost consider the needs of our customers – especially when deciding on a pick-up time. Then, we make every effort to provide the most convenient and ideal removal service for the automobile owner. You can rest assured that the disposal will be done in strict compliance with all legal regulations for this procedure.


Sell Your Old Vehicle Today

We are the most dependable scrap car buyer in the country, specialized in arranging scrap car removals without taking any service cost. So if you are looking to get rid of your old vehicle, contact us right now.


How It Works


Simply give us a call on 0437008000. We will find out all the details we need. (We’ll need info such as the car’s registration, condition, location)


We then work out a price. We offer extremely competitive prices for scrap cars, damaged cars, vans and 4×4’s.


If you are happy with our price we just need to arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle. Once on your premises we pay you on the spot.

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